Please follow the steps below to begin the process of getting started at Boardwalk Private Preschool.

Step 1. Get Started

Share information about your family and children using our interest form. This form must be completed to apply and get started.

Step 2. Tour

See Boardwalk’s program in action by visiting our school campus. You’ll see our rich, diverse environments, designed to nurture each child.

Step 3. Enroll

Explore our enrollment hub with the link we send you via email or on the application completion screen. View and immediately reserve a space for your child!

Step 4. Accept

After you reserve your child’s class, complete enrollment paperwork and start preparing your child for their first day at Boardwalk Private Preschool

Step 5. Enroll

Schedule a meeting to review your enrollment paperwork and meet your Boardwalk Private Preschool team, including your child’s teacher.

Step 6. Learn & Grow

At Boardwalk Private Preschool, your child discovers, learns and grows each day, preparing your child for lifelong success!


Interested in getting started at Boardwalk Private Preschool? The process begins by clicking the ENROLL NOW button below. Your information will be used to contact you about available openings, tours and more information.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school community.

Selecting your child’s educational path is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. We think of it as enrolling families, not just students, and our goal is to partner with you to help prepare your child for lifelong success.